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About Star Wars, Now THIS is Podcasting!

The Star Wars Podcasting community is two decades old now and encompasses well over 2000 separate shows, covering all aspects of the fandom: Expanded Universe/Legends, gaming, collecting, fan groups...

Several people established sites to both celebrate and track this aspect of Star Wars fandom. The earliest and most influential was Nathan Butler's Star Wars Fanworks site. A few others continue to do so, and now Star Wars Now This is attempting to do the same.

The need for preservation

As a library employee for over 20 years, I've come to see the importance that digital resources for the community we serve. Libraries are much more than just homes for books, they now provide access to the Internet, e-journals, databases, and digital collections.

One thing that has really been evident in that time is the need for digital preservation and archiving. Too much of the early web has disappeared. Librarians in our field are aware of similar losses in the past of precious books, early films and audio recordings, and are trying to get out in front of this issue to provide a history of the Internet Age.

Star Wars Now This' mission

I am hoping to combine my love of Star Wars along with my experince in cataloging, research and data collection to help document this little subset of our fandom. I'd like to see the site grow to include information on each podcast, the people that host it, as well as additional information that features that promote this little corner of our fandom.

About me

I've been a Star Wars fan since I was 4 years old. Though the way my Mom tells it, I fell asleep in the theater during my first viewing of A New Hope.

Over the years I've been a fan not just of the films, but also of the toys, video games and books. Reference and RPG books over novels (I was that kid who spent hours looking over encyclopedias and atlases. Still do).

I came across Star Wars podcasts before the word podcast even existed. Probably around 2003 or so. They became the biggest source of entertainment in my years since, and opened me up to a lot of other podcasts that I now listen to regularly.

As this site grows, I'll add more information about me including:

  • My favorite podcasts
  • What I'm listening to right now
  • My listening history
  • Podcasters I've met
  • My Star Wars Collection


Show Basics

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